From ideas to reality


Our aim has been to develop and create bicycles with low-maintenance needs and maximal pleasure to ride at the same time. We would like to transfer this feeling of joy and freedom exactly like when you go on a track with your sportcar or you go on a ride on steep mountains with your motorbike. Every time you look at your Booda Bike all the good feelings of previous rides shall spring to your mind!


Retrofitting belt drive systems and custom buildings

MassiveBikes was founded in 2013, this was our first workshop in Budapest. We got familiar with belt drive systems, geared hubs and all the premium brands we offer nowadays. We had built a lot of custom bikes and by that we experienced and also learned a lot from different technologies.


Closing workshop and focusing on development

All the past experiences made it possible to start working on our own ideas. We expanded our team and closed the shop, transferred it into an office and got down everything to focus on the new brand.

Prototype and manufacturing

Webshop & building the prototype to test

While creating new online appearance and webshop we created the first prototype model and started to use it to know its features deeply. These prototypes had smaller changes and we used them hard to meet their boundaries. Slight modifications were needed but we calculated with that so it can be pretty close to perfect.

Live on market

October of 2015, Booda Bike just took off

The finely adjusted models were ready to their first photoshoot, got uploaded to our webshop as products and they were available for customers to buy. Besides all the development in our products, we always improved our processes to minimize faults and maximize effectiveness in manufacturing, quality management and delivering to customers. Dozens of our customers have been riding their bikes with good responses.

Upgrades and manufacturing

Updated models and products

As we learned in the past years we could not stop in developing and improving our processes to search for better and better solutions, more reliable, even custom parts, accessories. Customers’ response is the main help in our job. We welcome our customers in 2021 with a brand new website with improved features and brand new bike models. We truly hope that you are going to be our customer as well.