Booda Bike - Maintenance documents

Assembly and maintenance

Booda Bike bicycle assembly manual

All steps to properly assemble your Booda Bike

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Booda Bike - Maintenance suggestions

You can find all the important suggestions to keep your bike in the best shape.

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Possible mudguard - assembly guide

In this document we guide you through the process of installing the Booda Bike bicycle's mudguard.

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How to remove an Alfine gear hub rear wheel?

Removing the rear wheel of a Booda Bike in 6 easy steps.

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Change the bearing of the eccentric BB

How to properly change the bearing of the Eccentric BB?

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How to set an eccentric BB on a Booda Bike (Video)

How to properly set and position the Eccentric BB on a Booda Bike?

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How to remove a Rohloff Speedhub rear wheel from the Booda Bike Pulse? (Video)

A short video about removing the rear wheel of the Booda Bike Pulse.

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