If you have a single-speed belt-driven bicycle, then you must be familiar with the problem that the rear sprocket must be properly adjusted with small or large spacers to position the belt line in the place where it works ideally. A wheel hub set that brings something new to the belt driven bicycle market.

In 2023, Possible Components presented the world’s first 24-hole single-speed outi rear hub, which provides a sleek solution to the above-mentioned problem, and in a professional way. The hub set was named Possible SpinnerOne. The special feature of the SpinnerOne rear hub is that it is tailored to the Gates 9-spline rear pulley and by using this rear hub we get exactly the Rohloff (54.7 mm) belt line.

Thanks to this, the hub is a perfect combination with the widely used Gates CDX Direct Mount – Rohloff belt line front crank and sprocket set and the Gates CDX 9-Spline rear sprocket. If you choose this trio, you will get a very neat and professional solution to the belt line problem.

Possible straightpull wheel set for Gates Belt Drive System with Rohloff beltline_rear_view_with_rear_sprocket - kerékagy
Possible Rear Hub 24H StraightPull 142×12 – CenterLock_With gates sprocket

The very durable yet low weight of the wheel hub / hub set is due to the well-thought-out design. According to Possible, it is also perfectly suitable for cyclocross usage. The mechanics of the brain is not a hammer system, but a robust solution. It has 5 industrial bearings and has less resistance during free running than a hammer system of the same strength. The front hub is 140.6 grams and the rear hub is 323.6 grams, so we get a very reasonable weight, but particularly strong and durable hub set.

The hubs are available separately, as a hub set and as a wheel set. The 24-spoke straightpull wheelset is available with Possible aluminum rims, but a version with carbon rims can also be ordered according to individual needs. The brake mount is solved with centerlock system. The wheelset is available with Sapim sprint straightpull spokes, so the total weight of the front and rear wheels is only 1575 grams.

From 2023, the wheel hubs will be available as a serial part in the Booda Bike Pilot single speed model.

In addition to their clean appearance, the hubs are also special in the design of it’s spokes. The spokes will have the same tension on both sides, so it is not necessary to overtighten them on the drive side. This way, we get a stronger wheel, which is more difficult to distort and less likely to get an 8, it is easier to center and the disc brake loosens the spokes less.

The SpinnerOne rear hub is designed for a 5 mm wide pulley, so using such a product does not require the use of a washer. Of course, it is also compatible with chain sprockets. In such a case, it is necessary to use as many washers as will make the width smaller than 5 mm.

Possible straightpull wheel set for Gates Belt Drive System with Rohloff beltline_rim copy - kerékagy
Possible straightpull wheel set for Gates Belt Drive System with Rohloff belt line_rear_view copy_net - kerékagy