Apidura Expedition Downtube Pack (1.5L)


Lightweight, waterproof downtube pack, also capable of holding a bottle. Universal and simple mounting, compatible with any frame. Reflective exterior graphics.

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Apidura Expedition Downtube pack 1,5liter Booda Bike header

Designed to take the everday ride further!

The Expedition Downtube pack can be mounted on most tubes of your bike, it will never be in your way. It provides a versatile and compressible storage space for spares and long-distance essentials.





Three-layer laminate fabric

The Expedition Downtube Pack is cut from a three-layer laminate fabric that was developed specifically for Apidura. The material is lightweight, and is highly resistant to tears and abrasion. Notably, it’s welded together at the seams, creating a watertight seal that ensures the down tube bag remains completely waterproof.

Apidura Expedition three-layer laminate fabric

Fast installation

No more complicated packs: thanks to the single motion velcro strap, mounting a tube bag has never been simpler.


Adjustable capacity

To prevent flapping, the bag can be rolled up and buckled when not full.

Apidura Expedition Downtube pack waterproof lightweight bikepacking bottle holder user photo

Capacity to hold a water bottle

Enough capacity for a 710ml water bottle, allowing it to be used as a bottle holder bag for bikes with limited space within the main triangle.


Reflective exterior graphics

Seeing and beeing seen is always crucial when riding, especially during long-distance tours going well into the night. In order to provide more protection, there are reflective exterior graphics for increased visibility.

Apidura Expedition Downtube pack 1,5liter reflection 01 Apidura Expedition Downtube pack 1,5liter reflection 02

Stability system

Near the top of the bag, the additional panel will prevent it rotating around the tube.

Apidura Expedition Downtube pack 1,5 liter dimension diagram

Universal mounting

Weight: 80 g
Diameter: 8 cm
Length: 18-26 cm
Strap width: 4 cm
Tube circumference: 12-18 cm

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