Booda Bike – Forc-e (Rohloff E-14 E-bike)


Belt driven electric bike with electric Rohloff E-14 Speedhub shifter, Bosch Gen4 motor and up to 45 km/h assistance and Supernova M99 Mini lighting set.

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Belt-driven E-bike with Rohloff E-14 for commuting or discovering the world

We have created the perfect city and touring ebike. Whether you want to go for a run in the city or go on a hike, it can be a suitable companion. The Forc-E’s Bosch mid-engine with power assistance up to 45 km/h and Rohloff’s electric E-14 transmission provide an unearthly experience for comfort and performance-oriented cyclists. On this bike, you can feel as if you are cruising the roads on a motorcycle. The thick tires are very comfortable, the four-piston brakes are extra efficient. The Supernova M99 Mini lamp provides a powerful light beam.

Premium components

The Forc-E is designed for high performance due to the 45 km/h assist, so it is essential that it is equipped with premium components. It got the best of everything.

High tech system

The Bosch Gen4 Performance line engine and the Rohloff E-14 electric transmission provide the most comfortable user experience. This is only topped off by the fact that you can also connect the system with your phone.

~ 22,5 kg

Among e-bikes, we have already become accustomed to the fact that the weight starts with number ,,2". However, 22.5 kg is a very good value for such a powerful, reliable, comfortable and robust machine.

Battery Capacity

The battery is 625Wh.


On flat ground, when used at high power in turbo mode, the maximum distance is about 40-50 km. Up the hill, on turbo gear at high power, approx. 25 km. About 75-90km at Tour level. 100-110 km in Eco mode.


The maximum torque of the Bosch Performance Line Speed GEN4 is 85Nm. This is a really powerful system.

Rohloff E-14 electric shifter

The new electronic Rohloff E-14 shifting system raises the bar for shifting E-bikes transmissions. Never before has shifting been so easy, intelligent and comfortable. All this combined with legendary Rohloff quality.

1 st gear0.279
2 nd gear0.316
3 rd gear0.360
4 th gear0.409
5 th gear0.464
6 th gear0.528
7 th gear0.600
8 th gear0.682
9 th gear0.774
10 th gear0.881
11 th gear1.000
12 th gear1.135
13 rd gear1.292
14 th gear1.467

Supernova premium lighting system

Supernova M99 mini front and integrated plate rear light. Supernova is one of the best lighting system on the market. The light complies with the e45 standard. It does not have a high beam, but it can be converted to one.

Supernova rear light and plate holder with brake light

The Supernova M99 rear light also functions as a brake light when braking. In this case, it lights up more brightly. It is mounted to the Supernova L1e Legal Kit License Plate Holder.

Wide comfortable tires with mudguard set

The Schwalbe Super Moto-X 27.5X2.80(584-70) with inner tubes makes this bike a really comfortable bike. The bike comes with mudguard set.

Gates CDX Carbon Belt Drive System

The CDX Belt drive system is the most durable system. It provides high performance and reliability with low maintenance.

Quad piston hydraulic disc brakes

Equipped with the Tektro Dorado HD-E725 Quad piston hydraulic brakes for proper safety. Whether in the case of emergency braking or descending a slope, we can expect the maximum braking effect to the maximum.

Comfortable riding position

Sitting on the bike, we need to reach a position where we can sit most efficiently and comfortably. In the case of gear hub models, this has also been achieved. By kicking our feet backwards, we can drive the bike most effectively in a “horse spring” position, but we can still keep our backs in a comfortable position for a long time.

Bosch Gen4 motor

One of the best electric drive systems is Bosch. Gen4 is already a very reliable and mature system, which provides a very powerful drive. The assistance works up to 45 km/h, which is exceptionally high.

Bosch Kiox system

The bike has 4 levels of assistance. Off, Eco, Tour, Sport, Turbo. In addition, it can also use walk assist mode. When connected to the smartphone, various extra functions are available, for example, it is also capable of navigation.



Booda Bike Aluminium E-bike frame 6061


Possible Carbon - MTB


Supernova Promax - 60/5 (31.8mmm)


Possible Noiret - Aluminium

Front Hub

Possible 6 bolt - 32h (110x12) - Black

Gear Hub

Rohloff 500/14 Speedhub - 32h


Schwalbe Super Moto-X 27.5X2.80(584-70) - inner tube


Possible aluminium - 584 - 32h


Possible rubber - Black


Possible Alu - 30.9




Tektro Dorado HD-E725 - 180-180 Quad piston hydraulic Disc Brake


Possible Sport - Aluminium


Gates CDX Carbon Belt drive system - CDX 122T Belt (Black) 55T-19T

Lighting system

Supernova M99 MINI Front stem mount, Supernova M99 mini Tail Light (Plate mount)


Possible aluminium wide (black)

Frequently asked questions


In the Forc-E the belt is tensioned with Rohloff OEM dropout with sliding adjustment.

We give 3 years warranty for the bike.

We deliver our bicycles disassembled as little as possible. Parts to be assembled: handlebar, front wheel, seat tube with seat and pedals. The reassembly of these parts is extremely easy.

  • seat post (4mm allen key)
  • pedals (6mm allen key)
  • handlebar (4mm allen key)
  • front wheel (6mm allen key)

The maximum load capacity is 120kg. The bike also can handle more weight but only if you lower the dynamic of the usage.

Yes, the battery is removable. With the key, you can open the battery section and remove it.

We don’t like factory data, we prefer to share our own experience. On flat ground, when used at high power in turbo mode, the maximum distance is about 40-50 km. Up the hill, on turbo gear at high power, approx. 25 km. About 75-90km at Tour level. 100-110 km in Eco mode.

The maximum torque of the Bosch Performance Line Speed GEN4 is 85Nm. This is a really powerful system.

The maximum assistance is 340%.

The battery is 625Wh.

Bike assembly, maintenance and service documents

Here you can find all the importance informations about assembling and maintaining your bike.

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