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Belt Driven Bike with Rohloff 500/14 Speed hub, mudguard, carbon fork and dynamo Supernova lighting system. A real world-traveling machine.


Rear rack

Carbon upgrade

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Belt-driven bicycle for urban / hiking mixed use with Rohloff 500/14 SPEEDHUB

The Booda Bike Pulse is the perfect choice for those who like wide range of gear ratio, comfortable and rugged bikes and it is important for them to have the bike well equipped. It makes the best use of the comfort and performance it offers on asphalt, but Schwalbe G-One Speed tubeless tires also hold up on gravel ground. The geometry results in a posture that is comfortable, even on long rides. Carbon fork also helps with comfort and performance. The Rohloff 500/14 SPEEDHUB serves up and down slopes to the maximum with it’s 14 gear. And the steel frame is just flexible enough to absorb uncomfortable resonances, but stiff enough not to spoil the riding experience.

Steel frame

The frame is the most important element of the bike, so it gets huge attention in the design. Due to the material properties of steel, it pleasantly dampens vibrations, but gives enough rigidity to make turning a real experience.

Carbon accessories

The choice of carbon material is also crucial in terms of weight, but it is also a key issue in terms of comfort. Pulse has a fork and carbon package is available as an update. It helps to soften the perception of small pebbles and unevenness and relieve the user.

~ 12 kg

Despite the high equipment, thanks to the carbon accessories, there is no overweight, so the weight of 12 kilos is already available among well-equipped comfortable, gear-changing bikes, thus minimizing the load that we have to carry while riding.

Rohloff 500/14 SPEEDHUB

Designed for fast paced turning and climbing uphill. Controlled from the steering wheel, we can conveniently shift gears.

1 st gear0.279
2 nd gear0.316
3 rd gear0.360
4 th gear0.409
5 th gear0.464
6 th gear0.528
7 th gear0.600
8 th gear0.682
9 th gear0.774
10 th gear0.881
11 th gear1.000
12 th gear1.135
13 rd gear1.292
14 th gear1.467

Supernova premium lighting system

Supernova E3 Pure 3 front and mudgurad intergrated rear light. Supernova is one of the best lighting system on the market.

Comfortable tire for asphalt and gravel use

Schwalbe G One Speed 622×35 tubeless tires are considered comfortable. It has low rolling resistance due to its high fiber weave.

High puncture resistance, tubeless fluid

Tubeless tires are provided with Effetto Mariposa Caffelatex tubeless fluid, which forms a sticky, foamy material inside the rubber and immediately seals smaller holes.

Gates CDX Carbon Belt Drive System

The CDX Belt drive system is the most durable system. It provides high performance and reliability with low maintenance.

Hydraulic disc brakes

Equipped with hydraulic disc brakes for proper safety. Whether in the case of emergency braking or descending a slope, we can expect the maximum braking effect to the maximum.

Comfortable riding position

Sitting on the bike, we need to reach a position where we can sit most efficiently and comfortably. In the case of gear hub models, this has also been achieved. By kicking our feet backwards, we can drive the bike most effectively in a “horse spring” position, but we can still keep our backs in a comfortable position for a long time.

Carbon upgrade

The Pulse comes with a carbon fork. The carbon update is available for this model that contains a carbon handlebar and seat post. Thanks to these, we were able to keep the weight low and still achieve a very efficient and comfortable riding feeling.


Popular choice

Tubus Fly Evo rear rack – black

(not included, available as add-on)
(max load: 20kg)

Choose the right size for your height


Frame size S:

Height: 155-170cm

  • stack: 568mm
  • reach: 381mm

Frame size M:

Height: 170-185cm

  • stack: 573mm
  • reach: 381mm

Frame size L:

Height: 185-200cm

  • stack: 598mm
  • reach: 398mm
Frame sizeSML
A- seat tube size (mm)530560590
B- top tube horizont (mm)550560580
C- head tube (mm)150165180
D- chain stay (mm)420
E- head tube angle (degree)72.5
F- seat tube angle (degree)73.57373
G- wheel base (mm)100910141034
H- standover height (mm)810830852
I- head set1.5" - 1 1/8"
J- seat post diameter (mm)27.2

The carbon fork is coated with a matte lacquer layer, so the material underneath is visible.



Booda Bike GH frame - Steel frame with double butted Cro-Mo tubes


Possible Carbon - Trekking


Possible Aluminium - 80/5 (35mmm)


Possible Riser - Aluminium

Front Hub

Shutter Precision Dynamo - PL-7 (100x12) - Black

Gear Hub

Rohloff 500/14s Speedhub (32h)


Schwalbe G One Speed (622x35) - tubeless


Possible aluminium - 622 - 32H


Fabric Semi Ergo - Black


Possible Alu - 27.2


Possible HighLiner


Tektro R290 - 160-160 centerlock Hydraulic Disc Brake (HOPE discs)


Possible Sport - Aluminium


Gates CDX Carbon Belt drive system - CDX 115 belt, CDX 55T-19T crank set

Lighting system

Supernova E3 Pure 3 Front HBM, Supernova E3 Pure 3 Tail Light (Mudguard mount)


Possible aluminium (black)

@boodabike Oh my gosh! The Pulse with belt drive system and Rohloff Speedhub is a real flagship of Booda Bikes 🏁 #boodabike #rohloff #beltdrive #pulse #speedhub #gatescarbondrive ♬ Oh my gosh - carrie
Frequently asked questions


We use an eccentric BB. This product was designed by us 10 years ago and we use it since. The belt is tensioned when assembling the bicycle. In normal cases, the belt tension does not need to be adjusted further. If the bearings of the eccentric BB wear out, they can be easily replaced without stopping the belt tension.

We give 3 years warranty for the bike.

The maximum tire size is 35mm. The Schwalbe G-One Speed 622×35 tubeless tire fits perfectly on this setup. Bigger tires would touch the frame in case of a little figure 8. In case of using mudguards with Supernova E3 Pure3 lighting set, the maximum tire size is 622×35 because of the lack of space in the mudguard with lighting cable.

Yes our frames are rust protected. We use coating for the frames. This is a spray that is sprayed inside the frame to form a protective layer in the steel frame tubes. The product is available in our webshop.

We deliver our bicycles disassembled as little as possible. Parts to be assembled: handlebar, front wheel, seat tube with seat and pedals. The reassembly of these parts is extremely easy.

  • seat post (4mm allen key)
  • pedals (6mm allen key)
  • handlebar (4mm allen key)
  • front wheel (6mm allen key)

The maximum load capacity is 120kg. The bike also can handle more weight but only if you lower the dynamic of the usage.

Bike assembly, maintenance and service documents

Here you can find all the importance informations about assembling and maintaining your bike.

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