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Tyre sealant for effective puncture protection

Used mostly with tubeless tyres, it prevents air leakage once the tyre has been punctured. Ideal for performance-oriented cyclists, for both road and off-road cycling and for tubeless, tubular and inner-tube applications. Its foaming behavior makes it spread evenly inside tyres, covering the whole internal surface very efficiently.

Instant puncture sealing


Foaming behaviour

Foaming behavior activated by wheel movement

Caffélatex, turning into foam, tends to fill the entire internal cavity of the tyre, making Caffélatex available and effective even when the puncture happens on the sidewall. It reverts to its liquid state after around 15 minutes of stillness.

effetto mariposa Caffelatex tubeless

Not toxic, corrosive, allergenic

Caffélatex doesn’t contain ammonia or other aggressive chemicals: that characteristic makes it also the favorite sealant for cyclocross/tubular applications, creating no harm to the sensitive latex inner tubes..


Compared to other “latex-like” sealants, Caffélatex is a very stable and durable, although its lifespan is heavily influenced by tyre type.

Using the recommended quantity for tyre size/type, the expected Caffélatex lifespan is:

  • Tubular (or Caffélatex inserted into latex/butyl inner tube): up to 1 year
  • UST Tubeless tyre: 2-6 months
  • Tubeless-ready tyre: 1-4 months
  • Tube-type tyre: 1-3 months

In the impossibility of knowing the specific conditions, we recommend checking Caffélatex every 2 months, to make sure it’s liquid and therefore ensures its puncture preventive action.

Effetto Mariposa puncture sealant
Effetto Mariposa Caffelatex puncture sealant sizing talbe booda bike


While too much sealant is unnecessary weight, too little is utterly pointless as punctures will still occur and the (small) weight of sealant will serve no purpose.

We suggest to use the quantities suggested by the iCaffélatex app or the table under the following link.

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