Effetto Mariposa Carbogrip 3ml blister


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Carbon component assembly resin

Experience tells us that the shiny surface of some carbon parts might force us to exceed the maximum torque – with all risks associated – in order to keep that part in place.
To avoid that scenario the Carbogrip was created, a special high-molecular-weight silicon resin, spray or liquid: applied on a component, it creates a solid anti-slip layer. When the clamping force is applied, the anti-slip layer of Carbogrip prevents the component from moving.

Effective for a long time

Once installed, it will take a long time until Carbogrip loses its 'grip'.

Effetto Mariposa Carbogrip
Effetto Mariposa Carbomove


It can be easily removed using Carbomove which can dissolve Carbogrip's special high-molecular-weight silicone resin.


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