Effetto Mariposa Shelter Off-Road Kit


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Effetto Mariposa Shelter Off-Road Kit Bicycle frame protection Booda Bike Header

Extra durable frame protection tape

A universal adhesive tape, which protects the frame and components from damage. Made from a UV-resistant and vibration reducing material. “Off-Road” is perfect for heavier duty off-road riding, prevents damage from larger pebbles.

1.2 mm thickness

Recommended for gravel or rocky roads


It will not become yellowish over time.

Visco-elasticity reduces vibrations

On top of providing protection, it also reduces vibrations.


Shelter Off-Road has a 0,2 mm scratch-resistant upper layer with a gummy (viscoelastic) 1 mm layer underneath.

Effetto Mariposa Shelter Road carbon protection

Suitable for both carbon and metal

Universal protection for any component. Easy to cut to creative shapes.


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