Effetto Mariposa Shelter Wheel Kit


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Effetto Mariposa Shelter Wheel Kit Bicycle valve silenter Booda Bike Header

Vibration reducing, balancing washer sticker around the valve

Eliminates noises which can result from the vibration of the valve. It’s also great to balance wheels. Visco-elastic behaviour reduces vibrations

Silencing valve noises

Shelter Wheel Kit is made of 35 washers that fit snugly over the valve stem, gluing at its base. With minimum bulk and weight, they provide an elegant and almost invisible silencing effect, cancelling unwanted valve movements and vibrations.

Effetto Mariposa Shelter Wheel kit
Effetto Mariposa Shelter wheel kit aluminium bike wheel

Balancing wheels

Nobody would drive a fast car whose wheels haven’t been carefully balanced after mounting tyres on. Current high performance bicycle wheels, with fancy ceramic bearings, lightweight carbon rims, cannot deliver their full potential if not properly balanced.
It’s an easy task that only requires a Shelter Wheel Kit, a wheel truing stand, patience and some minutes per wheel.


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