Fabric Cageless Bottle


BPA free, 600 ml, cageless bottle. Winner of the Design & Innovation Award in 2016.

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Winner or the Design & Innovation Award in 2016

Keep the minimalist look of your bike

Fabric's Cageless Bottles offer a unique alternative to keep the beauty of bike. Recommended for riders who dislike bottle cages on their frame.

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Solid mounting

Two polyurethane studs slot into the bottle's moulded mounts, keeping it secure over even the most demanding terrain.

BPA free

BPA (bisphenol A) can get into your system with liquids and foods stored in some plastic containers, affecting your health in the long run. 

600 ml

Due to its size and weight, you don’t carry too much on your bike, yet you have plenty of water during your ride.

Fast flow valve

Designed with a fast flow valve, you can quench your thirst as quickly as you want, water will keep flowing.


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