Fabric Ergo Grip


Durable handlebar grip with additional palm support and Hex pattern for a better grip. Made from premium, medical-grade silicone.

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Booda Bike Fabric Ergo comfortable bike grip with pad

Medical-grade silicone

The Fabric Ergo grip is made from premium quality, medical-grade silicone to provide superior grip, durability and a high level of comfort.

Fabric Semi Ergo bike silicon grip medical grade silicon
Booda Bike Fabric Ergo comfortable bike grip with pad on bike

Full ergonomic support

A broad, flat pad braces your palm at the outer edge of the handlebar, providing additional comfort and grip on even the longest rides.

No more rotating grips

The correct direction of the grip is indicated by two little arrows, they should be pointing forward. The silicone grip is locked in place by aluminum clamps, installation is simple due to the integrated hex bolts.

Booda Bike Fabric Ergo bike grip with pad
Fabric ergo grip sizes

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