Fabric Hex Duo Handlebar Tape


Signature Hex-patterned, foam-backed kraton rubber handlebar tape with extra grip and road buzz reducing silicone backing.

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Booda Bike Fabric Hex duo bike handlebar tape

Added comfort and extra grip

Comfort and grip are the two most determining factors when choosing a grip/handlebar tape. Fabric gives you both in their foam-backed kraton rubber and signature Hex patterned bar tape. Thanks to the unique hexagonal texture boosting your grip and its silicone backing reducing road buzz, you will always stay in control.

Fabric bike Handlebar tape hex duo
Fabric hex duo tape handlebar booda bike

Simple to wrap and long-lasting

With the self-adhesive surface and hex wrench installed end caps, wrapping is simple and can be done multiple times. Made for all weather conditions and can be used comfortably with or without gloves on even the worst road surfaces.

The package contains:

Fabric handlebar grip

2 tape rolls

Fabric handlebar plug

2 bar ends

Fabric handlebar finishing strip

2 finishing strips


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