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High-visibility, wearable, medium-security chain lock with full reflective water repellent sleeve. Adjustable belt fastening. Never locked while worn. Removable, washable sleeve.

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Chain lock

1 kg

6 mm hardened steel links, 8 mm hardened steel shackle

75 cm

60 cm – 112 cm

Around hip/waist

Sold Secure Bronze

Booda Bike Hiplok Lite Bike chain lock
Kerékpár lakat, bicikli lakat, kerékpár zár, Hiplok Lite bike chain lock wearing on waist

Answers the most annoying question: How do we carry it around?

Hiplok is not only known for their trustworthy and aesthetically designed locks, they are also often called the 'most practical lock manufacturer'. Based on customer reviews, the Hiplok Lite's most loved feature is its wearability, making one almost forget that it is around the waist.

Our recommendation

Designed for riders who don't want to carry a bag just for their lock, who are not satisfied with weak and awkward frame mounts and who don't want to drag a heavy object on their lightly built bike. We recommend the Hiplok Lite for quick errands in the city. If you are looking for security for longer stops, we advise to look at its bigger Hiplok brothers.

Hiplok Lite chain lock wear
Hiplok key

Unique keys with a complex lock

All Hiplok locks feature a complex locking mechanism and ‘Sidewinder’ laser-cut keys which are incredibly difficult to duplicate. Each lock comes with a set of 3 keys and their unique ID number which you can register on Hiplok’s website. Should you lose all your keys, a new set can be remanufactured and shipped based on your registration.

How secure? Awarded Bronze Security Level by Sold Secure.

Sold Secure Bronze security rating means it provides resistance against a basic tool list (only using one selected tool in the attack) and including items such as a junior hacksaw for a minimum of 1 minute. It is constructed from 6 mm hardened steel chain links. During tests a 60 cm bolt cutter proved inadequate when used in the air, but was able to cut the links when using body weight on the ground. That is a common method among petty thieves, so it is recommended to lock not only most components on the bike, but that the chain does not reach the ground.

Hiplok Lite chain lock camo

Only 1 kg

Such low weight is considered a great feature not only among chain locks, but among all the secure locks out there. The Hiplok Lite’s advantage is not only in its wearability, but its weight of only 1 kg.

Is it theft-proof?

No one will ever promise that, anything can be cut with the appropriate tool, and as long as time and noise are not considered. Our aim is to make theft look very difficult, noisy and obvious. The Hiplok Lite is going to make thieves look elsewhere.

Locking length: 75 cm

Among Hiplok’s chain locks, the Lite is the shortest and lightest with its locking length of 75 cm. Featuring a patented wearable design, it allows the rider to adjust it to fit their waist between 60 – 112 cm without locking it to them. Should you wish to lock multiple bikes together, we recommend you check out Hiplok’s longer chain locks.

Are you looking for extra protection? Make your bolts secure with Hexlox.

Protection all over your bike: saddle, seat clamp, front and rear wheels, fork, stem, just to name a few components commonly stolen. Hexlox is a small magnetic piece mechanically paired with its own key. Insert the Hexlox into the bolt head of the component you wish to secure, making it impossible for anyone with only a regular hex wrench to remove it.

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What do we have against frame mounted locks?

Frame mounts that are often included with a bike lock are awkward and ill-fitted. It is difficult to create one that universally fits all frame designs out there, one that is strong enough to keep in place a heavy, metal piece so far from the bike’s center of gravity, one that prevents the lock rattling on various road surfaces. Instead of a large, heavy, often noisy addition to your bike, Hiplok offers its wearable locks as an alternative solution. At BoodaBike, we use quality components to build our bikes as light as possible with a clean and simple design – and we wear our locks on our belts!


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