Hiplok SPIN – All Black


Super light, wearable chain lock with 4-digit combination lock. 6 mm hardened steel chain link, removable and washable sleeve.

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Lock type:



Locking length:

Wearing length:

Wearing options:

Chain lock

800 g

6 mm hardened steel chain links, combination lock

75 cm

66 cm – 112 cm

Around hip/waist

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Hiplok Spin Lifestytle wearing on waist

Answers the most annoying question: How do we carry it around?

The Hiplok Spin was designed with practicality as a priority. A light, wearable chain featuring a 4-digit combination lock, it can be carried around easily without having to worry about losing its key. The Spin also has a removable, washable sleeve which protects the frame from scratches.

Compact and handy

Using a bike lock regularly could be a slow and clumsy process, so every tiny improvement which speeds up and simplifies it comes as a blessing. With the adjustable velcro strap you can wear the Spin without having to lock it on your waist, and with its combination lock you don't have to waste time searching for your keys.

Kerékpár lakat, bicikli lakat, kerékpár zár, Hiplok spin chain lock on waist
Hiplok Spin chain lock with digit number locking

No keys, no worries

The lock can be secured with a 4-digit combination. This makes locking and unlocking faster, saving precious time for the busy urban rider.

How secure? 

Protects against amateur thieves. Featuring 6 mm hardened steel links, it is ideal for quick securing during short errands. The perfect compromise between security and practicality.

Hiplok Spin chain lock with digit number locking

Weight: 800 g

The lightest Hiplok chain lock, lighter than even the famously compact Hiplok Lite. Walking around with the Spin around your waist, you can easily forget you have it on you.

Is it theft-proof?

No one will ever promise that, anything can be cut with the appropriate tool, and as long as time and noise are not considered. Our aim is to make theft look very difficult, noisy and obvious. The Hiplok Spin is going to delay any thief long enough for you to get back to your bike on time.

Átölelő mérete: 75 cm

Featuring a patented wearable design, it allows the rider to adjust it to fit their waist between 66 – 112 cm without locking it to them. Should you wish to lock multiple bikes together, we recommend you check out Hiplok’s longer chain locks.

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Protection all over your bike: saddle, seat clamp, front and rear wheels, fork, stem, just to name a few components commonly stolen. Hexlox is a small magnetic piece mechanically paired with its own key. Insert the Hexlox into the bolt head of the component you wish to secure, making it impossible for anyone with only a regular hex wrench to remove it.

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What do we have against frame mounted locks?

Frame mounts that are often included with a bike lock are awkward and ill-fitted. It is difficult to create one that universally fits all frame designs out there, one that is strong enough to keep in place a heavy, metal piece so far from the bike’s center of gravity, one that prevents the lock rattling on various road surfaces. Instead of a large, heavy, often noisy addition to your bike, Hiplok offers its wearable locks as an alternative solution. At BoodaBike, we use quality components to build our bikes as light as possible with a clean and simple design – and we wear our locks on our belts!

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