Hiplok Z Lok Combo – All Black


Secure, reusable zip-tie like lock with extended locking length and combination lock. Steel core, toughened nylon outer design, provides versatile protection and security for all manner of applications: roof rack, helmets, or other components.

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Lock type:



Locking length:

Security tie

70 g

Stainless steel core in toughened nylon outer

430 mm

Booda Bike Hiplok Z LOK Combo
Booda Bike - Hiplok Z lok combo teal bike rack, kerékpár lakat

Combination lock: security meets convenience

Hiplok is not only known for their trustworthy and aesthetically designed locks, they are also often called the 'most practical lock manufacturer'. This title comes partly for its wearable locks, but also for their creativity. The Hiplok Z Lok Combo's design is inspired by cable and zip ties, with an additional 3-digit combination lock.

Hiplok Zlok Combo

Who is it for? Riders!

If you don't like to carry your helmet around, you can simply tie it on your frame. If you have to make short stop, you can lock your bike in one move. If you often transport your bike on a car rack, you can provide extra security.

Hiplok Z Lok combo - Lifestytle- locking up bike
Hiplok Z lok combo creative use on cabinet

Who is it for? Not just riders!

The product engineers at Hiplok probably had no idea how creative their users are. As it turns out, the Z Lok Combo is perfectly capable of locking candy away from kids, securing a snowboard outside a ski lodge, or mounting your morning coffee on the handlebar.

How secure? Stainless steel cable, toughened nylon outer, 3-digit combination lock

Hiplok offers the Z Lok as additional accessory to regular locks, making life a little more convenient. At first it looks like a simple plastic ring, but that is only the cover over a flexible, stainless steel braided cable.

Hiplok Z LOK Combo production
Hiplok Zlok Combo

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