Possible SpinnerOne – Rear Hub 24H StraightPull 142×12 – CenterLock


Straightpull rear hub, ideal for Gates rear sprocket with Rohloff belt line for single speed bikes. 12mm cap, 24 holes, 142 mm O.L.D. (142×12).
Sprocket interface: 9-spline (Shimano standard) freewheel
Rotor interface: Centerlock

Sprocket and rotor are not included, illustration purposes only.

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Perfect symmetry, without spacers

Hope_belt_drive_single_speed_hub_01 Possible_Spinner_One_belt_drive_single_speed_hub_01.jpg

Forget the spacers. Thanks to the SpinnerOne rear hub, you get a clean look and a perfect belt line. The spokes will have the same tension on both sides, so it is not necessary to overtighten them on the drive side. This way, we get a stronger wheel, which is more difficult to distort and less likely to get an 8, it is easier to center and the disc brake loosens the spokes less.

Designed for Gates Belt Driven single speed bikes

This product  was tailored to the specific Gates rear sprocket. The best solution is if you have a neat belt-driven, single-speed bicycle.

Durable rear hub for Cyclocross use

Not a hammer system, but a robust solution, which means it can even be used for cyclocross use. It has 5 industrial bearings. It has less resistance when coasting than a hammer system of the same strength.

Clean design

We paid attention not only to the design, but also to the sound. With its deep, locking voice, it causes a real sonic orgasm.

Tuned for the Rohloff belt line

It is certainly compatible with the following products and you can create a super belt-driven, single-speed bicycle if you assemble it with them.


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