What should I bring with and where should I put them?

The answer for this question can be shown best by presenting the most important things you usually carry on with yourself while riding. A phone, a wallet, a charger. This is obvious nowadays but what about the lighting, the security, punctures and visibility?

We chose the 9L Apidura Expedition Saddle pack for packing. This bag is attached to the seat post. No need to worry about reaching the rear tire. By stretching the stripes, it creates a stable, strong, stiff bag that is not wobbling or moving anywhere. It is waterproof so dirt or rainy weather can’t make your stuff wet. You bought a lightweight bike. Why would you ruin that with heavy accessories? 425 grams can not be said heavy so this bag is the best choice.

Some people might be afraid of leaving the lights on their bike when putting it down somewhere because of the thefts. What if there is a solution for that? Supernova’s Air Stream 2 is a saltwater-resistant and removable aluminium LED bike light. We have already got used to that Supernova creates professional lamps with amazing lightning skills, but this is something more unique. The battery capacity makes that light capable for 14 hours continuous lighting. You can just pop it down and it becomes a LED flashlight in your hands. Practical, quality and cool looking.

Let’s stay with practical things. Here comes one of our favourite tool. You are in a hurry; your boss is waiting for you and you can’t be late again. Then comes the worst. Flat tire. The only thing you can do is leaving your bike there, lock it down and go by public transport. But is this really a solution? Of course, not. Effetto Mariposa Espresso. It repairs punctures on tube-type, tubeless and tubular tyres. It is really easy to use. Works almost like a bike pump. The flexible silicone tube fits directly on Presta valves. By pushing the bottom, the special repairing foam (Caffélatex based) goes straight into the tyre. Ammonia-free: puncture-sealing action is ensured by ammonia-free Caffélatex sealant, optimized for the pressurized application.

We are sure that you have a nice bike. You love that bike, you take care of that bike so you don’t want that feeling when you realize that your bike is not there. It got stolen. That’s why we recommend everyone to choose the best lock they can. It is simply not worth saving money on this. Especially because if the lock you bought is great it will work many-many years later also. Hiplok DX is a small lock that is a great choice for the daily riders. It is small enough to have a great weight but strong enough to give the safety you need. The D-shaped lock makes it impossible to rotate the arms so cutting only one arm is not enough to unlock it. It sounds like it is easy to cut throw but the arms are made from 14mm hardened steel that is a real challenge to destroy. If your bag is full you can also attach the lock to your bell or backpack.

And last but not least something special. This little friend helps you to stay visible all the time. Albedo 100 is a cool company that creates instant reflective sprays that is easy to apply. Lack of public lighting makes the risk of an accident for riders huge. That is why it is important to stay visible all the time. Albedo 100 Roll-on works like roll-on deodorants. You can put it onto almost all surfaces. Your bike, your body or your clothes. It is 100% washable, so it does not damage any of your stuff. The material reflects in the same direction as the light source. This means it is only the person behind the light source that can see the reflection.

Hopefully you got inspired by our collection of these everyday useful stuffs that you can put into your Apidura bag. Keep this in mind before riding: stay visible, stay safe, think ahead and you don’t have to worry anymore.